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The top 3 causes of liver disease including fatty liver, fibrosis of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver. The number one cause is excessive alcohol specially hard alcohol. Excessive hard alcohol consumption can cause alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) which is very harsh on the liver.

The number two cause of liver disease is heavy pharmaceutical drug usage. Many pharmaceutical drugs can have damaging effects on the liver. Talk to your doctor about if your prescribed medication have damaging effects on your liver. You may want to find a healthy natural alternative that promotes liver health instead of liver damage.

The number 3 cause of fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis is excessive consumption of fatty foods including pork, bacon, sausage and deep fried foods. Fried foods contain trans fatty acids which are toxic to the liver.

by Jordan Blaikie the Liver Flush Man & Dr. Stewart Blaikie
@ Vital Liver Flush & Love Your Liver
Victoria BC

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