1 HOUR Deep sleep guided relaxation meditation for insomnia & sleeplessness – With Tibetan bowls

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Deep Relaxation for your Mind & Body/ Awakened & Sleep State

I created this meditation video with all youtube viewers and subscribers in mind. This video focuses on sounds….…..sounds which help you meditate for when you need to relax anytime during the day (awakened state),or before heading off to sleep (sleep state).

There are various reasons as to why many of us enjoy meditation during the course of the day or night. Some of us choose to meditate right before bed time because it is a soothing, quiet way to wind down….….an experience that is well worth it and you’re tired towards the end of a long, busy day.

While meditation helps with easing into more comfortable sleep, it also helps the body block out the daily stress that wears the spirit and soul down, thus making us feel tired and/or groggy.

Meditation is a great source for parents who are stressed out and in need of a relaxation outlet, even if at least for an hour while the children are napping or at school.

It is a great way to regroup and helps us to focus and stay more concentrated on what we need to get done, feeling more positive about our journey on a daily basis. More and more people are turning to meditation as an outlet of healing, relaxation and sleep.

More and more parents with postpartum depression have been known to enjoy meditating and combine it with yoga because it helps recharge their body. Their energy is renewed through this process and they are more alert, and more able to take on their daily tasks.

Meditation is the leader in healing peacefully from within. This is said because during the process, we are more relaxed, able to have a better sleep experience, concentration levels rise during study time, and we are able to get so much more stressful tasks done without being affected as much.

This is because we took the time to wind down for a few moments, giving the body the vitality to be able to recharge all of the senses and push forward on a daily basis.Meditation is a great way for people young or old, also people who suffer from insomnia will find that it helps them to fall asleep. It is also a great form of relaxation outlet for police officers, ambulance drivers, emt’s, attorneys, CEO’s, executives, athletes, people who are very busy and have stressful jobs overall.

If your mind tends to race quite often, or you are the type of person who thinks a lot, overthinks during the course of the day, meditation is a way to wind down anytime during the day.

Listening to the soothing and calming instruments can oftentimes be better than medicine that assists you with falling asleep.

I want to give thanks to Sonic Yogi for providing the music for this video. Here is the link for the music

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