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ego- Noah Hommond

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HI!! my name is Tasha Maile! I am now 100% Insomnia free and you WILL BE TOO!
there is a little bit of research you will need to do for yourself ( most of it is on here! read everything, once twice 3 times! WATCH THE VIDEOS THAT I HAVE LINKED HERE)

Simplifying The Law of Attraction,
Vibration, Resonance, Energy and Frequency

video by BASHAR “how we design our reality??”

“The future and the past are perspectives not places. They don’t exist as places they are just another way of seeing another NOW, another angle of the NOW….. “-BASHAR

Abraham Hicks – Focus -Vibrate – on Your Future
**** instead of did you get the job, replace this story with sleep. And answer I SLEEP SO SO SO SO WELL NOW! I SLEEP AMAZING NOW! I CAN SLEEP ANYWHERE ANYTIME NOW!!!

Abraham Hicks – Tell A New Story

E-MOTION = an emotion, IN MOTION. You have an E-MOTION in motion. you need to change that emotion into a positive one and put it into motion!!! – This too is from one of Bashar’s video’s

When doing your positive affirmations really FEEL them! This is what is going to cure you! you new affirming thoughts with a burning feeling of Joy and Excitement!!! remember to always make you affirmations in the NOW and say NOW after each one! Because everything is here and NOW

“Practice the emotions you WANT to feel” – Tony Robins. when you are “practicing,” like how I mention in the video with jumping around getting super happy looking in the mirror feeling the way you want to feel and saying how amazing you sleep now, STAY positive in your thoughts, and your words!! because these high vibe emotions are sending A LOT of energy out, remember we are putting more energy into the things that we DO WANT!!!

“There is no healer, no cure, no vitamin, no ANYTHING that re places the power of your WILL to get better, your deepest desire IS your BIGGEST ally in life. It’s what PULLS you toward your goal” – Divine Energy

You cannot make the mirror smile before YOU do! reflection cannot smile first, as soon as you TRULY SMILE the reflection would have no choice but to smile back – Bashar

A Belief is simply a thought thought over and over again.

How To Raise Your Frequency- Leija’s Advice! 🙂

“You cannot solve the problem @ the same level (vibration) the problem was created. You have to go to a higher level (vibration) to find the solution” -Einstein

“If you are fear based, by definition, you are simply incapable of perceiving solutions to the reality you are afraid of, you have to already ascend and rise about that reality to find the solution because the solution exists on another level (energetically) ” – Darryl Anka

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction… break the habit, talk about your joys!”

“stop telling yourself you cant do it! Tell yourself you can do it! You can do anything with a positive mindset!”

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. ”
Albert Einstein

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