5 Thyroid Markers to Test with Dr. Scott Theirl

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Important to weight management, energy and mood, optimized thyroid function is essential to feeling well. Dr. Theirl discusses what to look at if you suspect your thyroid is not working well.

Hi everyone. Dr. Scott Theirl, board certified chiropractic neurologist here with today’s 2-minutes to better health. Today’s topic is your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland lives in the front of your neck and what does it do? It boosts your metabolism, gives you better energy, helps you maintain nice weight. It helps you think clearly and be happy. So is it important for you to address your thyroid gland? You bet it is. How do you do it? You do it with a blood test. There are at least 5 markers you want to look at at a bare minimum. The first one is TSH thyroid stimulating hormone. It’s the hormone your brain uses to turn your thyroid gland on and tell it to get to work. Now that your thyroid gland is on it needs to produce a hormone called T4. And you want to look at the free T4 level. T4 doesn’t do a lot in our body. It has to be converted into free T3 so you want to look at free T3 levels as well. That’s the one that really gives us our get up and go in terms of our thyroid production. So those are very important. Now the immune system comes into play too with the last two markers Thyroperoxidase antibody and thyroglobulin antibody and we want to make sure that your immune system isn’t producing antibodies that are actually attacking your thyroid gland and slowing it down making it harder for you to work. If that’s the case gluten free diets are one of the things shown to help people the most in terms of those antibody productions. So just keep that in mind. What else can we do to support you other than telling you to go gluten free if you have those antibodies? Well, there are various supplements we can use to support thyroid gland function and depending on your own individual results we figure out what’s best for you. Always address your thyroid gland not by itself but with its friends the adrenal glands that live on top of the kidneys that give you good metabolism as well and good stress response. We’ve talked about the adrenal glands in previous videos. Thanks so much for tuning in today for 2-minutes on the thyroid gland. I hope that gives you some insight. This is Dr. Scott Theirl. Take care and have a fantastic day.

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