ACell+PRP Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment – Long-Term Effectiveness, and FDA Approval

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More Hair Regeneration ACell+PRP results:

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1:53 – Success of ACell+PRP in hair loss treatment lead to the founding of TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration Centers
2:00- Before and after results of ACell+PRP using Dr. Prasad’s Hair Regeneration method developed over several years, for non-surgical treatment, and for hair transplants
2:22 – Clarifying the role of the FDA for approval of drugs, devices, and medical practices
3:04 – Why the FDA is prohibited from interfering with medical practices
3:18 – Clarifying the term, “off-label use”, and why it does not mean experimental use
3:52 – Demonstrating off-label use with Botox as an example, which has FDA approval only for one area, but is used legally in many areas
4:39 – Why getting FDA approval for every treatment area is not possible
5:03 – ACell (extracellular matrix) has been FDA approved since 2008
5:12 – Uses of ACell’s extracellular matrix for other types of surgery
5:31 – Legal use of ACell’s extracellular matrix for non-surgical hair loss treatment
5:37 – How some doctors misuse the term “FDA approval”
6:18 – Other results of ACell+PRP for hair loss in Hair Regeneration patients
6:46 – Hair Regeneration normally requires one treatment, with advanced hair loss patients getting a second treatment in the second year
7:01 – Why not all ACell+PRP treatments are the same, and how Dr. Prasad produced consistent results only after years of developing an algorithm
7:22 – Why Hair Regeneration can work better than a hair transplant for hair density and stopping future hair loss
7:49 – Why pattern hair loss diagnosis is key for the Hair Regeneration treatment to work

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