Alcoholism Liver Damage

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Alcoholism Liver Damage – Liver Damage Symptoms from Alcohol

Alcoholism liver damage is a problem that affects millions of people. Most of them don’t know they have a liver problem until it has progressed to a dangerous point. In fact, Liver damage symptoms from alcohol use may not appear until liver function has been dramatically reduced.

The liver is an extremely resilient organ which can even regenerate itself. A human being can live on as little as 10-20 percent of normal function.

Liver damage symptoms from alcohol can result from three of the most dangerous liver disorders.

Cirrhosis This disease is often called cirrhosis of the liver, although the words “of the liver” are redundant.This is the most advanced of liver disorders related to alcohol use, and may affect 15-30 percent of frequent alcohol users. In the early stages, symptoms include:

weakness and a feeling of fatigue,
weight loss.

As liver damage progresses, these symptoms may present themselves:

abdominal swelling,
loss of appetite,

Alcoholic Hepatitis Hepatitis is characterized by the inflammation and destruction of liver tissue. The tissue actually becomes scarred from overuse of alcohol. Alcoholic hepatitis can be life threatening but is reversible if the patient stops drinking. Symptoms include:

abdomen pain,

Fatty Liver Disease In this condition, fat begins to grow on the liver. Eventually, the fatty deposits interfere with liver function. When the patient drinks little or not at all, the condition may be called Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, or NAFLD.

People with fatty liver may have no symptoms at all, although some patients report vague right upper-quadrant abdominal pain or an ache that comes and goes unpredictably. Fatty liver disease cases have been increasing rapidly in the United States in recent years.

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