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Watch as Parents tells you about baby eczema treatment! Red, crusty skin on your baby’s body could be symptoms of eczema, a common, itchy rash, but don’t worry. Baby eczema treatment can clear up outbreaks in just a few steps following a proper diagnosis from your doctor. Look out for potential eczema causes around your house, like pet dander or fragrant soaps and lotions, which can trigger eczema in infants. Some foods, like dairy and wheat, can also cause this rash to form, so try keeping a log to see if you can find a pattern between what your baby eats and his flare-ups. Since overheating can also be another cause of eczema, dress your baby in lightweight clothes and bring more layers in case he gets cold. Your doctor may suggest allergy medication for treating eczema to keep the rash under control. When bathing your baby, make sure the temperature is lukewarm and that you’re using a mild soap to clean him. Dry him off with a soft towel and moisturize his skin to keep the baby eczema at bay. If your doctor recommends it, dab steroid cream on the infected areas for eczema treatment, then apply a thick, oil-based ointment like Vaseline all over his body. You may need to do this twice or even three times a day. Don’t be alarmed if the eczema doesn’t go away immediately, as flare-ups tend to become less severe over time. In half of cases, your baby’s eczema will naturally disappear as he grows up!

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