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Maria Vakos: We’re here today talking with Dr. Ken Stein, board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and founder of the Cellulaze Treatment Institute.

Dr. Stein, you were recently interviewed by the New York Times about Cellulaze, a new medical procedure that removes cellulite. Can you tell us more about the science behind how that works?

Dr. Stein: Cellulaze is a powerful laser that treats the cause of cellulite. Cellulite can occur in a number of different areas. It’s always been a difficult process for any surgeon. Now we have the capability of actually doing something that can make a meaningful difference in the smoothness of the skin.

Maria Vakos: Since the article ran in the New York Times, I understand people are coming to you from all over the world for this procedure, from models to actors, celebrities. Can you tell me what kind of results are they experiencing and who is an ideal candidate for Cellulaze?

Dr. Stein: The response from patients has been electric. The results have been at least a 60-70% improvement in cellulite, and an 83-95% patient satisfaction rate. Anybody who has cellulite is a candidate for it.

Maria Vakos: Dr. Stein, you’re a double-board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years experience. What’s your opinion of this notion that just diet and exercise alone can correct cellulite. Is there any truth to that?

Dr. Stein: Cellulite is a genetic problem. It has nothing to do with diet and exercise. We always want our patients to diet and exercise and to be in the best shape possible, but a good portion of my patients that have cellulite are in great shape — but they still have cellulite.

Maria Vakos: People who are interested in this procedure want to know: Is it safe? Is it effective? Is Cellulaze FDA approved?

Dr. Stein: This is the beauty of Cellulaze. It is definitely safe. It is effective, and it is FDA approved. The success rate has shown to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 93% patient satisfaction.

Maria Vakos: This cutting edge technology and your work with the Cellulaze Treatment Institute are pioneering the way in eliminating cellulite. What would you say to all those women out there who finally want to get rid of Cellulite once and for all?

Dr. Stein: As a surgeon I’m really excited about this. I want to give my patients the best possible results. This is a problem we had no possible solution for, and now we do. This makes a meaningful difference and that makes me happy as well as my patients.

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