Can sleeplessness be a sign of pregnancy? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

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Sleeplessness can be a part of pregnancy, but it is not the diagnosis of sleeplessness in pregnancy because sleeplessness can be part of many diseases, especially in the first and the third trimester. When there are a lot of nausea happening, digestion is a problem, there are leg cramps and there is a big tummy which is giving the patient a discomfort to sleep, breathing difficulties that is when she lies down there will be increased heart burn. So all this can cause worries and other medical disorders in pregnancy may also be associated with it, a part of it.t definitely it can be manipulated and modified depending on the cause of sleeplessness. So depending on the cause it can be treated. Lifestyle changes like make her walk after dinner or give her some exercises, yoga etc. if she is troubled or psychologically affected , then probably lot of counseling and psychological counseling can help her. Full family support, plenty of fluids, hydration, these are all part of the changes that can bring down the level of sleeplessness, but there are women who sleep well all through the pregnancy. So it is not a diagnosis. It is a part of pregnancy.

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