Causes of Acne

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This video explores acne from a nutritional and microbiological perspective through animations the review of over 30 studies on the subject.
– Links and Sources –

– @micthevegan Insulin Resistance Video:

Acne Prevalence Claims:

Other Cultures Without Acne Claims:

Source of Candy Bar Study Joke:

Paper that denies dietary acne connection 2006:

“The association between diet and acne can no longer be dismissed.”

P acnes predominant microorganism in pore:

Immune system can respond to P Acnes:

P Acnes Strains of Acne vs Non-Acne Subjects:

Acne Patients have elevated sebum:

Diet influences hormones and growth factors which boost sebum:

Milk Manipulates Testosterone and Estrogen Blood Levels:

IGF-1 Absorbed from or boosted by dairy:

Animal Protein Boosts IGF-1, vegans have lower levels:

Population Studies and Cohort Studies on Milk and Acne:

Acne Patients Exude more Triglycerides in Sebum:

Refined Fructose boosts Triglycerides:

Starch does NOT raise triglycerides.

Sugar spikes insulin spikes sebum:

Lower glycemic load lower acne study:

Paper on Intramyocellular lipids and insulin resistance:

High glycemic load diet, dairy food intake, high fat diet = acne:

“Epidemic acne mTORC1-driven disease of civilization…”:

Main mTORc1 Boosting are sugar, meat, and dairy:

Dairy and mTORc1:

Green Tea Lotion Acne Study:

acne patients were low in ALA:

Low Levels ALA reduce barrier function:

ALA and Light manages P Acnes via porphyrins:

Ancestors ate more omega 3s:

Vitamin A, E, and Zinc:

Chlorine Skin Barrier Claim:

Sun free radical acne:

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