Causes of Hair loss in men (Kannada) – Dr Batra’s @ Suvarna News 24X7

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Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. However, when we lose too much hair or when our hair doesn’t re-grow as fast, we start to bald. There are many reasons for hair loss. Most important to know is that hair loss is not cosmetic. It is a medical condition and almost always people lose hair due to underlying medical disorder.
Some of the medical conditions that cause Hair Loss in men are hormonal disturbances, thyroid disorders, anemia, and certain illnesses like jaundice, malaria, typhoid etc can also cause Hair Loss. At Dr Batra’s clinic we treat hair loss medically. We identify the underlying cause and treat it accordingly. It’s only after treating the underlying medical condition that the hair loss can be controlled.
Last medical drug for hair loss was approved 19 years ago. However, there have been a lots of innovations that we at Dr Batra’s have brought into India such as stem cell, groHair which along with homeopathy give excellent results for hair treatments.

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