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http://www.drcellulite.ca – Collections of cellulite in upper arms are common in women, in particular those women that suffer from cellulite woes in their legs. Experts believe that aside from loss of skin elasticity, poor blood circulation also causes development of cellulite in the upper arms.

Rejuv therapy is drug-free, healthy, and a cost-effective way to take care of the cellulite in your upper arms. It can drastically reduce cellulite and other fatty layers. Give your arms a Rejuv workout at least three times a week for 20 minutes or more, at a time, for about 14 weeks. Exercise the rollers in uniform motion, upward (pause) and downward (pause). Apply continuous pressure to the layer of fat beneath the skin. The rollers will create a wavy, percussive penetration through the layer of fat. Consecutive Rejuv sessions will generate a symmetrical skin fold with a smoother, more toned surface. It’s important that you roll upward (pause) and downward (pause) over your upper arm – upward (pause) and downward. Exercise in uniform motion and apply moderate pressure to the layer of fat beneath the skin. As you move along, apply more pressure to squeeze the collagen fibers that connect fat to the skin. Move upward (pause) and downward (pause) to stretch the fat cells that bulge out. Be realistic in your expectations of reducing the cellulite in your arms. Don’t loose your patience. Your cellulite will become smoother and less noticeable, but the process will take weeks.

Include other arm-toning techniques into your workout. Consider exercises that include a rowing machine, or a pull-up bar. Consider exercises that tone your arms, specifically the triceps muscle located at the back of your arm. If you are new to exercise and not sure where to begin, consider speaking with a personal trainer and a dietitian to help get you started.

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