Cellulite Smoothing Massage Mitt by Finulite – The End to Cellulite

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Finulite Cellulite Smoothing Massage Mitt, MONEY Back Guarantee and a FREE Finulite Anti Cellulite Soap Bar

Increases blood circulation, Drains fluids and trapped toxins
•Breaks up lumpy fat deposits for smoother skin
•Tones, firms and reduces the appearance of cellulite
•Preps and exfoliates the skin, for enhanced penetration of topically applied treatments.
•FREE OFFER: For a limited time, receive Finulite’s new 3-in-1 exfoliating massage soap when you purchase our cellulite smoothing mitt.
•Receive 1 FREE Finulite Anti Cellulite Soap Bar (a $9.95 value), yours free when you purchase a Finulite Cellulite Smoothing Massage Mitt. Enter Promo code SOAP7777 at checkout.


I use this in conjunction with Finulite AM/PM Cellulite Cream http://tinyurl.com/Finulite-Cellulite-Cream . Simple concept, easy to use…if you are quick to bruise (as some reviewers have stated) ease up on the pressure and/or amount of time used. I bruised in some areas the first week of using it but continued to keep at it. Now, 3 weeks later my cellulite has almost completely vanished from my legs. I’m so glad I stuck with it!!

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I’ve tried it all– the diets, the creams, the scrubs, the brushes. Nothin’ doin. I thought losing weight would do the trick, but alas, 20 pounds and countless miles ran later, I weighed 120 pounds and still, like a face tattoo, cellulite made my thighs look like something you need to put honey or peaches on in order to stomach. Full on cottage cheese. Still on the hunt for a solution, I searched high and low, read more reviews than I care to admit, and landed on this. 5 days. FIVE DAYS in and I already see a huge difference. Yes, there are still dimples, but what was the rolling hills with deep valleys is no more like minor grooves in the road. I use a firming skin lotion (one of the cheapest on the market) in conjunction, but also a healthy diet and exercise. Maybe that’s what’s made the improvement? All I know is, the only alteration to my routine is this. I am wowed beyond belief. So worth the money (though I wish I’d ordered it so much sooner!)

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I’ve been using the finulite creams http://tinyurl.com/Finulite-Cellulite-Cream for almost a year… and plan to keep them in my routine indefinitely for maintenance. I now only use the creams about twice a week but I do use this mitt every time I shower. This little tool has helped keep the cellulite from coming back…My legs haven’t looked this good since my teenage years. Just a minute each day to keep cellulite away… it’s a no brainer. I’m a customer for life!

I have been using this product in conjunction with the Finulite Anti Cellulite Treatment Skin Exfoliating Soap Bar and I am pleased so far. I am using the mitt every other day in the shower. I use it how the directions stated, massaging it over my thighs and I have noticed the areas on my thighs looking smoother and dimples are starting to fade away. I have also been walking more along with using this. I feel with continued use I will completely be free of cellulite in my thighs. I would definitely recommend this product along with the Finulite Anti Cellulite Treatment Skin Exfoliating Soap Bar and along with some form of exercise ton ensure you get the results that you want.

Finulite Anti Cellulite Treatment Skin Exfoliating Soap Bar http://tinyurl.com/Finulite-Cellulite-Soap

The finulite massage mitt is very easy to grip. The rubber nodules and thick rubber strap cling nicely to your hand and skin. Compared to others I have used in the past, this one fits better in my hands making it a lot easier to use and control when wet. It makes my skin look more toned and has become part of my daily shower routine. I use it with the AM & PM finulite creams and can see changes already (I’m only 3 weeks into the treatment). Very happy with the finulite line of products.

Read More Review From Amazon Buyer http://tinyurl.com/Finulite-Cellulite-Massager

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