Cure High Blood Pressure,Water Cure,Awesome UPDATE!

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A update on how I’m curing my high blood pressure naturally, follow my journey and send me some good vibes!

I’m using Dr.Batmangalidj’s water cure with UNREFINED sea salt, it has to say unrefined because there’s refined sea salt on the market. If you’re unsure call the salt distributor or email the company. I was using refined sea salt for years until a few weeks ago, thinking it was healthier, it’s not. It can raise your blood pressure because it has it’s magnesium and essential trace minerals removed.

I’m taking 400 mg of magnesium, I’m using citrate, but plan on switching to transdermal type by ancient minerals.

I’m taking a low potassium and will increase it slowly over a few weeks. I’m taking 500mg. The RDA is around 4200mg. Food is my always first choice in getting minerals.

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