Day 14 of 34 Day Water Fasting Documentary, (Cure Sinusitis, Eczema and Belly Fat)

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Since yesterday I lost another 0.6lbs, so I lost 22.2lbs already! My 14th day of the water fast aiming to loose those extra pounds and cure myself of eczema and chronic sinusitis. My sinus swell up a good bit, so that my nose was blocked as much as possible not as bad as to cause head aces though. Eczema has improved much. I have noticed that a few patches of skin on my body have completely healed and are free of the eczema! I also talk about 2 food related dreams i preciously had. I am down to 177.5lbs 199.7lbs before I started the fast. —Formerly 30 day/40 day fast

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