DIY: Oatmeal Honey face mask. (For Dry Skin & Eczema)

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Hey guys. This facial mask you can make at home is Amazing. It smells great and Will keep your skin looking even better. Please try this out at home and let me know if it has worked for you.
I advise you to not save this face mask. Once you store it in the fridge, The honey will harden and if you try to heat it up to melt the honey, It will cook.
I do this atleast once a week or once every 2 week or when Im in serious need of it.
Also, The shea butter is really great for dry skin. It smells amazing and its not as heavy as A&D ointment (What I used to use)
You can find the PALMERS shea butter at your locl beauty supply or drug store for $5.

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