Eastern European style cooking: Chicken Layered Liver Cake (Russian version of recipe)

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A traditional Russian dish that even liver haters enjoy.

I am almost positive you don’t start salivating at the mentioning of the word “liver.” But wait, maybe you haven’t really had a good liver dish, or perhaps you haven’t heard of the amazing health benefits of liver.

Liver is an excellent source of high quality protein, folic acid and iron; contains an abundance of vitamin A and several B vitamins. Liver is the number one food source of copper; and contains CoQ10, which is important for cardiovascular function. A slice of beef liver contains about 338 mg of phosphorus which your body needs for functions such as the building of bones and teeth and proper waste processing by the kidneys. These nutrients provide the body with certain abilities to get rid of toxins.

My favourite liver recipe is a Layered Liver Cake. It’s a traditional Russian/Ukrainian dish. It is often served as an appetizer on various celebrations.

May be served hot or cold but for best result leave overnight in the fridge.
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