Eczema – Coconut Oil Review

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This is my first product review for Eczema/dry skin. I thought I’d start off with my favorite natural skin care product for my skin which unfortunately is extremely dry, dehydrated and eczema prone.

If you want more details on Coconoil or virgin coconut oil, check out my blog

I realize I’ve not made a video in a very long time but I’m getting back into it now and I’ll be making more videos on how to look after Eczema and dry skin.

Please subscribe if you suffer from eczema, I have a lot of tips, product reviews, diet advice and more I would love to share with you all. I know how hard living with eczema can be and how much it can affect your life and knock your confidence.

I would be so grateful if you can share your experience and any advice you have so we can all help each other combat this disease. Leave a comment below if you suffer from eczema.


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