Eczema Outbreak After Eating McDonalds

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Early February, 2013, I wanted to treat myself to some McFish Bytes. Well, the next day, small bumps covered my feet and parts of my hands and some on my face. Whenever I get rash or acne outbreak, I drink coffee (diuretic) and tea to flush the toxins out, but for some reasons, even after a month (this video was done on 3/7/13) I still have remnants of the rash. Sometimes I slip and eat foods that trigger eczema, acne–a doctor told me sometimes we crave what we are allergic too. I have been eating vegetables (sometimes I slip and eat sweets, I love cake!) .

I stopped putting Retin A on my face 2 months ago and it feels so much better! I take minocyline but the Retin A made me scratch my face. I got a facial a few days ago, and the beautician who was doing my face told me never put vaseline or baby oil on my face because both contain lots of bacteria and I always put it on my face and that could have contributed to my outbreaks. So, I just clean my face, no vaseline, no McDonalds (except coffee, tea, yogurt parfaits, occasional cookies).

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