Eczema rash | Safe Natural and Effective Treatments for Eczema

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Safe, Natural, and Effective Treatments for Eczema.

Eczema is a common skin condition that affects 10%-20% of all infants in the United States. Most children will outgrow the condition by their 10th birthday, but about 3% of Americans suffer from symptoms past childhood, and into their adult years.

Although eczema is controllable with pharmaceutical drugs, there are some great natural alternatives that can treat and even prevent eczema. Remember, natural remedies don’t have side effects like most common medicines do.

For instance prednisone, the most common oral medication to treat persistent eczema, has been shown to cause a heightened risk of infection, trouble sleeping, excessive stomach acid production, nervousness, diabetes, and even abnormal heart rhythms. Does that really sound like something that you want to give to an infant?

Here are some natural remedies for eczema that you can use at home, and that have no side-effects:

1. Homemade Sea Spray:

Many people with skin conditions have reported feeling better after visiting the beach, or being in the ocean. So, what do you do if you are not close to a beach? You make your own sea spray! All you need is a cup of distilled water, a tablespoon of Himalayan or sea salt, a pinch of Epsom salt, and if you want — an essential oil for scent.

Heat the water to almost boiling, and add the salt, Epsom salt, and a few drops of your choice of essential oils, and stir everything together until the salt is completely dissolved.

Allow the mix to cool, and put it into a small spray bottle, and use for any symptoms of eczema. This treatment is especially effective for a wet/oozing rash associated with eczema…….For More Watch Complete video………

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