Eczema Treatment Guide : What is Eczema and Tips To Get Rid of Eczema mp4

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*** Natural Treatment for Eczema ***

You may have tried everything possible to cure eczema and be free from the constant itching and redness. You can try some natural cures for eczema that will help reduce the flare ups and provide you some relief. You can apply a light mudpack in the affected skin area. You can even apply coconut oil to the skin, as it will keep the skin soft and moisturized. This is a good eczema cure. Coconut oil helps reducing the inflammation and helps in healing the skin tissue.

Another natural treatment for eczema is use of probiotics. These probiotics or good bacteria help reduce the occurrence of eczema in children and pregnant women. You should speak to your doctor about probiotics and if it is suitable in your case. Nutmeg powder should be made into a smooth paste and applied to heal eczema naturally.

You can even try mashing papaya seeds and applying it as a natural eczema cure. Evening primrose oil, star flower oil and blackcurrant seed oil are also found to be very effective natural treatments. These oils contain GLA that reduce the flare ups and help reduce the itching. It is also an effective natural eczema cure for reducing the skin inflammation, dryness, scaliness, etc. Fish oils also prove to be beneficial in case of severe eczema . The liquorice root contains glycyrrhizinic acid that helps in reducing symptoms of eczema. You can also apply liquorice directly on the skin or take it internally. You can try application of cream that contains witch hazel and phosphatidylcholine. This cream is as effective as 1% hydrocortizone cream for eczema treatment.

You can mix baking soda and water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area to get relief from the constant itching. However, if your skin is broken or inflamed, application of baking soda will sting a lot. You can even apply lavender oil mixed with olive oil or sesame oil. This remedy will help in curing an inflamed, itchy skin.

*** Eczema Treatment: Homeopathic ***

Homeopathic eczema treatments are also found to be effective cures for some patients. In case of severe eczema itching, arsenicum may be advised. If red, itchy pimples are observed on the skin that ooze honey like liquid, then graphites may be the line of homeopathic treatment. Small, itchy blisters due to eczema are treated with Nat Mur. Petroleum is used for patients suffering from severe eczema with pus oozing out of the blisters. Another homeopathic treatment is use of sulfur, when the skin is suffering from severe eczema eruptions with a foul-smelling product oozing from the eruptions. These are just a few homeopathic eczema treatments. You can speak to a homeopathic expert regarding the eczema treatments that may prove to be helpful for your condition.

These were some of the many severe eczema treatments that will help you reduce the flare ups. You can try some alternative treatments like oatmeal baths, oatmeal creams, etc. that are available in health stores. In case of children, the British Association of Dermatologists have found that salt water baths are effective in curing eczema in children. It is very difficult to live with eczema, as it leads to a number of personal, social and health problems. When young children and infants suffer from eczema, it becomes very difficult for the parents as children tend to be restless and scratch the itchy skin. This leads to number of secondary skin infections, caused by the staphylococcus bacteria. You need to be patient and keep the skin moisturized at all times. Stay away from humid environment as sweating leads to more skin irritation. There is no specific cure to get rid of eczema completely. But you can try natural treatments for reducing the flare ups and symptoms of eczema.

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