Eczema update: 2 weeks gluten free, vegan, no moisturizer

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Second week of my vegan diet and I’ve had some ups and downs with eczema. Generally up though and that’s the main thing.

With my skin, my eczema tends to bounce around. This week I’ve been suffering a lot with my arms, and it’s also spreading around my stomach. On the flip side, my face and hands were a lot better. I feel like I’ve taken 2 steps forward, one step back. But hey, that’s still an improvement.

With my diet, I’ve invested in a blender and this has REALLY helped. If you’re starting out on this journey you might find it hard to eat enough fruit and vegetables to detox your skin. So a great way to get them in is with a smoothie.

Finally, as far as no moisturizer goes, my skin is feeling a lot better and it’s really helping with exercise. Before, my sweat would sting my eyes and my neck would be red raw. Now, with no moisturizer I’m feeling a ton better. I believe it’s because my skin is now able to breathe and when I’m seating I’m not releasing toxins into me eyes.

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