face lift non surgical | body contouring | body shaping | cellulite reduction |

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face lift non surgical | body contouring | body shaping | cellulite reduction.

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Ezitone is a non surgical facelift and body contouring system that lifts, shapes and tones the body naturally. Non-invasive system that exercises individual muscle groups without effort or pain. Just lie back and relax and let Ezitone improve your body shape and tone.
Shapely Solutions also can assist in lift6ing and shaping breasts. There are many benefits of regular breast massage, including firmer breasts and balanced hormones, which contribute to enhanced overall breast health.
Studies show that women who wear bras for prolonged periods of time (12 hours or more a day) have a far higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who wear bras for shorter periods of time. This risk is reduced if a woman wears a bra less than 12 hours a day. The lymphatic vessels in the breast are designed to remove accumulated toxins from the fluid that flows from the breast cells, and into the blood and body. When a lymph vessel is flattened, usually due to prolonged use of bras, the toxins cannot flow naturally. This eventually leads to a build up of toxins that can cause breast changes and an increased risk of developing breast cancer, among other health issues. Breast tissue is very delicate by nature; however, if done properly breast massage is a very beneficial therapeutic option.
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