Gluten-Thyroid Connection: How to Restore Thyroid Health

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Gluten-Thyroid Connection: How to Restore Thyroid Health — Jennifer Fugo interviews Datis Kharrazian, DC

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In this interview Jennifer Fugo, founder of Gluten Free School, interviews Dr. Datis Kharrazian to bust through much of the misinformation out there about thyroid and brain dysfunction due to gluten sensitivity. AND he shares some shocking info on which foods actually depress thyroid function.

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Show notes include:
00:29 — Jennifer introduces Dr. Datis Kharrazian, well-respected author of Why Do I Still Have Brain Symptoms and Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal?

01:33 — Datis shares his incredible story, and how it convinced him to go beyond lecturing practitioners and healthcare professionals and find ways of reaching the public with his knowledge.

03:48 — With education and research in so many fields, Datis explains why he chose to write his first book about thyroid issues.

05:40 — What research has shown about gluten that causes thyroid issues and how the goitrogen theory is outdated.

08:46 — Why gluten may not be the only trigger to autoimmune thyroid issues.

11:23 — The correlation between thyroid symptoms and brain function.

14:28 — Is brain degeneration a lost cause or can the damage be repaired and reversed?

17:12 — Foods to consider eliminating to help improve thyroid and brain function, and why food alone is not the key.

20:01 — Balancing blood sugar, its direct relation to healthy thyroid and brain function, and a simple way of knowing if you have a blood sugar imbalance.

22:14 — What? Most gluten-free products are not really gluten-free?

23:49 — Common gluten-related autoimmune diseases, and you need to be your own health advocate.

29:02 — Tests you can take to help you take back control of your health.

32:48 — Connecting with Dr. Kharrazian, and concluding thoughts.

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