GuruNanda – Yoga For Insomnia – Video #10

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In this Video, GuruNanda reveals the Yogic Moves & Pranayamas for Insomnia, or lack of sleep.
If you are yawning half the day and running for that extra cup of double shot Starbucks and staying restless twisting and turning in bed half the night you owe it to yourself to watch the full length of this video

Insomnia not only causes a decline in your energy, mood, health, work performance and general quality of life; It may cause accidents, lost jobs , physcatric issues, overweight, drug abuse and in longterm could lead to heart disease , High blood pressure and or diabetes.

Apart from stress Anxiety and Depression the other reasons for Insomnia are severe medical
Conditions , cross country travels , poor sleep habits , eating late and use of stimulants like caffeine and alcohol .

Doing Yoga and adding meditation to it has shown better effects than certain sleep pills

Practise the Asna’s Pranayama and Meditation in early morning. Inversion asna’s promote calmness and better sleep .
At night time before you sleep drink water half hour prior to sleep and practice Ujjai Breath and Bee’s Breath at least 10 times each for a good night sleep.

A good night’s sleep Reboots your body’s computer. So practice yoga, sleep well and live a healthy & happy life- naturally.

Puneetananda which means Pure bliss is the birth name of a well known India born Entrepreneur turned Yoga Guru ( E & Y entrepreneur of the year award winner Orange County CALIFORNIA , USA )


This video is for illustration purposes only . please consult your physician or train under personal guidance of a registered yoga teacher.
Gurunanda shall not be responsible for any physical injury if you perform any of the yogic moves without a personal registered yoga teacher supervising you.

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