Hair Extensions and Hairloss loss Disguising Specialists

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Celebrities on Red carpets and magazines have normalised hair extensions. Hair extensions has been a trending topic among many women as youtube has helped catapult the good, bad and ugly of the fake it market. But is it all vanity vanity as some parts of the media suggests?

It is arguable that the main reason for the popularity of hair extensions is that one can get instant gratification. That extension adds to the thickness and fullness of your hair in a shorter period of time than waiting for your hair to grow.

However some people are very busy and this revamped hair extensions technique is helping a variety of very busy women rock a new manageable hair style that takes little to no time to maintain say Diane Shawe ….


article by Diane Shawe Author of Getting Started in the hair extensions business

There is no single explanation for hair loss but reasons can include:

Natural ageing process
Poor nutrition
Nervous disorders
Hormonal imbalances
Serious illness
Certain medications
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Hereditary/genetic factors
Hair loss can have a devastating effect. It’s important to know that the earlier a hair loss problem is diagnosed, the better the chances are of treating it. We always recommend seeing a qualified hair specialist to diagnose conditions.


Androgenic Alopecia (‘Pattern Baldness’)

This is one of the most common forms of hair loss. It affects both men and women and occurs in distinct patterns. In men, this form of hair loss is very obvious. At the end of the process – which can take from 15-25yrs – the only hair remaining is at the sides and the back of the head. Roughly one third of all women are affected by this type of hair loss normally on the vertex (top of the head) with the front hairline often intact. The process of shedding is on average 50-100 hairs a day.

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