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Get Your Hair & Confidence Back !

IHT 9 HAIR LOSS TREATMENT PACK is a three-pronged
approach to treat:

*Severe Hair Loss Problem
*Thinning of Hair & Baldness
*Recurrent Dandruff
*Dry & Itchy Scalp

IHT 9 Intensive Hair Loss Therapy stimulates sleeping dormant hair follicles and help regrow hair. Contains rare ayurvedic medicines (proven Indian Herbs) that nourishes, cleanses and stimulates hair follicles which as a result start growing lost hair.

Equally EFFECTIVE FOR MEN & WOMEN, this natural hair therapy plan has no side effects.

SLES & Paraben Free

A Win Win Formula!

IHT 9 Intensive Hair Loss Therapy Pack has as the most successful rate of treating hair loss. A PERFECT daily hair care plan that can be used by anyone who wants healthy hair and disease free scalp. Another feature of IHT 9 Hair Loss Therapy is that one can continue to use it even after the successful treatment of the hair problem. Infact, 97% of its user continue using IHT 9.

– Results are visible within 2 to 3 weeks of regular use in majority of cases.

– 95% of Users Have Benefited. Wouldn’t You Like to Get Your Hair Back?



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