Hair Transplant combined with PRP – Before And After

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Is prp hair treatment permanent solution? What are the hair loss side effects? What is the prp hair treatment success rate?

These are some of the most common PRP related questions that we receive from our patients. In this video we showcase a successful PRP transplant case study of one of our patients.

Although platelet rich plasma therapy sometimes results in side effects, the treatment is very safe and used by many medical facilities. If you are interested in this procedure, make sure you find a facility that is experienced in this procedures and specializes in this type of treatment.

Be sure to ask the relevant questions such as:

1. How long does prp hair treatment last?

2. What are the possible treatment side effects?

3. Can you provide some prp transplant before and after case studies.

When it comes to preventive care, a lot of companies promote different pills, creams and other forms of non invasive treatments. Unfortunately the success rate of those treatments is very low. As a result, a lot of frustrated people turn to medical professionals to look for a more permanent hair loss solution.

Hair Restoration Specialists of Atlanta is your trusted center for hair loss treatment. We can handle a variety of procedures that will make you feel better about your appearance and your life in general.

We also do virtual consultations over the phone or video chat to answer any questions you might have and tell you exactly the cost of your Hair Transplant procedure. Call now and ask about our specials.

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