Hairfinity Works (Hair loss update) | Why I WON’T use it (2015)

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I was using Hairfinity for 3 weeks & I discovered 2 things. 1- It does work & 2- something else. Find out what happened now!

The main goal for using Hairfinity was to grow and thicken my hair from hair loss / alopecia. I wanted to do a Hairfinity product review, 2015, and I wanted to see if Hairfinity is a hair growth aid and if Hairfinity can thicken and grow long hair. My Hairfinity growth results are discovered in this video. I wanted to see whether or not may hair would show any improvements….and it did! I was excited at the results. But for me the great results came with an unexpected and unwanted discovery.

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I Did My Final Big Chop- March 26 2013
Why Did I Big Chop?- Due To shedding/hair loss/alopecia/damaged hair
Hair Goals?- I would like to grow my hair for 3 years without cutting it off again

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