Healing the Root Causes of Thyroid Disease – Dr. Izabella Wentz

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Dr. Izabella Wentz [The Thyroid Pharmacist] explains how she healed her thyroid and helps others do the same. Check out her cookbook and thyroid bundle here: http://bit.ly/1NzVePn

2:00 : The beginning of her health problems
7:00 : Why “normal” reference ranges can’t be trusted
9:15 : Warning signs and symptoms of thyroid disease
12:20 : Over prescribing antidepressants for thyroid disease
15:30: Misdiagnosing mental disorders with thyroid disease
16:35 : Izabella’s Hashimotos diagnosis and her steps to get well
20:00: The gluten connection to Hashimoto’s
22:30: Diet recommendations for Hashimoto’s
24:10: Linking caffeine to thyroid conditions
29:35: The stress link to thyroid conditions
34:00: Supplements and diets that help thyroid conditions
36:15: The Thyroid Iodine Controversy
42:05: The difference between Hasimoto’s and hypothyroidism
44:15: Theories on the increasing number of thyroid problems
45:35: Connection between dental x-rays and thyroid disease
47:15: How fluoride suppresses the thyroid
52:40: Hyperthyroid explained
56:15: Unnecessary surgical removals of thyroid
58:15: The harmful effects of radioactive iodine and Grave’s disease

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