Healthier Diet Helps Young Member Avoid Childhood Diabetes – Kaiser Permanente

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At age 12, Austin Stanfill was overweight when he went to see Sara Bell, MD, at Kaiser Permanente Vancouver (Wash.) Medical Center to be treated for pneumonia. Dr. Bell suspected Austin might be predisposed for childhood diabetes and blood work confirmed her hunch.

The news spurred Austin and his family into action. His mother began cooking healthier meals. “Most of the foods she made I didn’t like at the very beginning,” said Stanfill. Yet within two weeks Austin grew accustomed to eating more protein and vegetables. His family supported him by improving their own diets. “A couple of months ago, I never thought I’d be eating healthy,” said Stanfill, who has inspired his friends to eat more vegetables too. His changed eating habits have helped him avoid getting childhood diabetes.

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