High Liver Enzymes Review

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High Liver Enzymes Review

In the character of suggested in the name it is a chronic disease which affects the liver disabling it from its . Here the disease affects the normal cells in the liver which leads to scarring of the same. This condition leaves the liver with an abnormal and scarred liver tissue. The liver is the largest organ in our body with many capabilities. As the cells in the liver are injured or scarred an inflammation occurs which chokes the flow of blood because of this organ.

The liver has the function of producing enzymes and proteins. It is a life-threatening disease which has taken many lives and left them with dry and high with heft hospital bills.

Some of the causes for having this disease is the excess consumption of alcohol or we can say abuse of alcohol, by means of chronic viral hepatitis (hepatitis B, C or D), autoimmune hepatitis which destructs the liver drugs, toxins or cells and infections, blockage of bile ducts which damages the liver tissue, as a result of inheritance of diseases like hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, protoporphyria, so one should get proper check up done to diagnose as there has been cases where without the thorough check up it wont be detected.

Some of the changes in your routine can make a lot of a difference to avoid such a deadly disease. Eat healthy, stay healthy, have a good health regime to ward off all the possibilities of such diseases. Avoid alcohol completely which mainly is the reason for being affected by such disease. Stay away from drugs and get a complete check up done on you to be on the safer side.

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