How I cured my hormonal acne

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This video is on how I cured my hormonal acne due to coming off the birth control pill, Yasmin.

Products mentioned:

Neutrogena acne solutions kit (cleanser,treatment & moisterizer) $30
the face wash has salicylic acid in it, and the treatment has benzoyl peroxide. The moisterizer is oi free with SPF of 15
Olay Professional brush $32 replacement heads are around $10
slow speed during the day, and high speed at night
Cerave hydrating cleanser $15.99
Used during the day due to dryness of the other neutrogena products
BonneBell wipes $6.99
to remove makeup before using the brush
(you can purchase all of these at any drugstore, these are Canadian prices.)

Also I mentioned Vitex as a supplemen t(at any health store) to help acne, it balacnes your hormones. But do some research about it before you take it.

Please dont hesitate to ask me any questions if I missed annything just leave me a comment! Hope this helps!

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