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You guys have noticed a HUGE difference in the appearance of my skin. Most of you have told me that my skin looks much smoother. Here is what I’m doing!

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Alpha-H Tripple Action Cleanser
Liquid Gold (A must have or must try product)
Absolute Eye Complex
Instant Facial
Liquid Gold Perfecting Day-Wear (incredible and a must for dry skin)
Protection Plus SPF 50+
Liquid Gold Smoother and Perfecting Mask (another must try/must have).

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HighLighting & Contouring Routine-

Full Coverage Foundation Routine:

*** Disclaimer

It’s taken many years to get my skin to how it is today.

My skin went through so many changes – from acne to no acne and to having acne again. This meant that over the years I had to try a variety of different products with different active ingredients and formations.

The products that I have used on my journey to clear skin includes Clearogen, My Cabin Crew Kit and a few others which can be viewed in my ‘skincare’ playlist.

Hard fact, it was always hard to treat my acne because I have dry skin, which is why I’ve tried so many products.

In my previous skincare videos, I used products to treat acne because I HAD ACNE.

And now that I no longer have acne my priority is to resurface my skin. To get rid of my pigmentation, scarring and open pores.

All I want is clear skin- smooth skin that I can feel confident about.

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