How To Cover A Pimple & Mild Acne Scarring | Makeup Tutorial For Acne

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Pimples suck. Sometimes you have a lot, and sometimes you only have one. Different situations call for different makeup routines to cover and conceal pimples, redness and acne scarring. Today it’s all about colour-correction! I hope this tutorial helps you out.

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As you can probably see from the video, my skin has cleared up a lot since my previous video where I did a full coverage foundation routine to cover acne. I don’t need to wear a huge amount of concealer like I did back then (at least right now, I can never predict what will happen with my skin!). So instead of laying it all on thick, I’m taking a different strategy and using colour correcting concealer on just a few major spots.

Using green concealer on red spots might seem like a weird idea – who wants a green face?! You must go gently with this process, or you will end up with weird patches all over the place. The green of the concealer will counter-act the redness in the skin, knocking out the red of the scarring and pimples.

Always remember to use fresh, clean brushes and clean hands when working with acne. Try to minimise the spread of bacteria, especially if you have active, angry pimples. Scarring isn’t as much of a problem – the damage has been done (damn it!). Just be aware, wash everything thoroughly, and use an anti-bacterial gel on your hands before touching your face if you’re really worried.

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