How To Grow Hair Faster – Hair treatment : How To Stop Hair Loss

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How To Grow Hair Faster and Stop Hair Loss
DIY Hair treatment at home.
Watch How to Grow Out Your Hair Longer & Faster :
Natural hair treatment & Home remedies to prevent male pattern baldness & hair loss in women. Hair Restoration treatment with onion helps to prevent hair loss / falling out or thinning hair .
The most common causes of hair loss : stress, pregnancy, anorexia, weight loss, menopause, cancer, after chemo, surgery, thyroid, certain medications etc . Many women especially after 40 / 50 and men with hairloss suffer in silence, altering their hairstyles to hide thin hair or patches.
How much hair loss a day is normal ? – Losing up to 100 hairs a day is normal.
Natural hair care – the best way to reverse hair falling , regrow hair naturally and get healthy hair. Your diet is also one of the solutions that can prevent hair loss.

If hair too dry, use the olive oil instead of the lemon juice.
It’s a very SMELLY treatment with an onion. BUT very EFFECTIVE .


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