How to perform productive anti cellulitis massage on legs and thighs

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How to perform anti cellulites massage on legs and thighs to increase blood circulation and eventually get rid of cellulites and sagging skin on legs and thighs.
The modern view, cellulite-this is a structural change of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs in women. The result is partial fibrosis cellulite fat tissue. Usually the appearance of cellulite is associated with age. Cellulite is mostly cosmetic and psychological problem. However, in the course of certain circumstances and at a certain stage of development, it can cause discomfort and affect the health of women. In particular, for varicose veins varicose: vicious circle pushes the development of cedlĂ»lita, which makes it difficult to drain venous blood (especially in the oedematous phase), which again contributes to the development of varicose veins. In addition, you may the deterioration of the microcirculation in the thighs and buttocks causes a partial restriction of the hormonal exchanges that the feedback mechanism contributes disruption of ovarian function. For the treatment of cellulite to lots of modern approaches. It’s like hardware techniques and procedures with the use of professional cosmetics. Very promising manual techniques, combined with good amenities.

At the heart of the anti-cellulite massage-massage of the Russian school. However, this is a brand new original technique, physiologically sound and tested in practice. It is most effective in cases where the local obesity combined with cellulite, subject to elimination of lymphostasis. Therefore, to achieve the maximum effect of a massage should take into account the presence (absence) of inflammation, concomitant diseases, obesity, etc., as a rule, the treatment course of anti-cellulite massage is done only after a preparatory phase-eliminate lymphostasis, and multiple sessions of lymphatic drainage. When using manual techniques in the treatment of cellulite are faced with some standard flaws. This is, first of all, pain procedures that is how traumatic the technique and sensitive tissues of the patient. Secondly, because the massage course typically includes a large number of procedures, often daily, to the client, it can be difficult to find the time for a full treatment. As already mentioned, this technique is physiologically substantiated. Its impact is a gradual transition from the surface to deeper massage techniques. Massage is focused exclusively on a layer of subcutaneous fat (PZHK). To this end, special techniques are used to control the depth of the massage. This reduces the work and reduces the time required for the procedure. The massage is performed only locally, in areas with pronounced cosmetic defect. If cellulite amazed by not only the traditional areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and back, etc., the massage is performed with alternating zones. It is important to improve blood circulation in the massaged areas, as in the treatment of cellulite is to restore circulation. Therefore it is not necessary to combine massage with a relaxing massage of the back, osteopathic treatments, etc. But is permissible and even desirable to use reflexology techniques to improve circulation to problem areas (reflex-segmental spinal massage, foot massage, acupuncture). Treatments anti-cellulite massage with lymphatic drainage treatments are necessary. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of treatment and a massage less traumatic. Lymphatic massage leads to increased circulation to problem areas that provide adequate lymph drainage from the periphery to the Center.

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