How to Sleep Well at Night – 10 Tips to Natural Insomnia Cure

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Sleeping at night is essential to refresh your mind and body. It is the rule of mother nature to keep you active throughout the day. Most children have a sound sleep. And see how lovely, active and joyful they look. But many people lose the joy of sound sleep when they grow up.

Monster of insomnia takes them between its jaws. As a result they are unable to feel refreshed. Their mind and body mostly feel tired and lazy. They are worried and tensed. Sleeping pills are there to help them. But it is a temporary treatment. There are people who become life-long slaves of these pills. Moreover, side-effects can also be terrible.

Therefore we must avoid all sorts of pills or medication as much we can. Take their help only in emergencies. Best cure for sleeplessness is natural remedies. Here are some tips for you to get a sound sleep at night so that you can wake up with a fresh mind and re-energized body.

1. Avoid taking tea or coffee at night. No chocolates. Caffeine in them do not allow your body to sleep soundly. You may take milk though. Drinking a cup of milk at night often proves soothing for your nerves.

2. Don’t eat spicy or heavy meals. It will disturb your stomach as well as sleep. So take balanced and light meal.

3. If you take alcohol you get up with a headache and heavy body. Many people think that alcohol is a sedative and helps you sleep. But your sleep is never deep, and you feel tired in the morning.

4. Sleep in a room which is noise-free. Keep the lights off.

5. Most people install TV in the bed room. They often miss the fix time of sleeping, or go to bed with a disturbed or distracted mind. So it is better to keep your favourite entertainment toy in the drawing room.

6. It proves helpful to read any relaxing book while going to sleep. It calms down your nerves and mostly you have a sound sleep.

7. Listening to soft music also help us to relax our mind.

8. When you are unable to sleep due to excess energy in your mind take a light exercise for a few minutes. You will fall asleep soon.

9. Meditation is also beneficial as it tunes up your mind and body. You are able to sleep well.

10. Good sex is considered a sedative. It often induces good sleep. So go for it. If you don’t have a partner you may try to go solo (but only if you don’t develop inferiority complex).

These ten tips will definitely change your life. Good luck.

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