How To Use Honey For Acne ♥ Honey Face Mask!

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DEM DRIPZ! Haha, this is the most delicious face mask of all the times! Please like, comment & share! Open for some product discounts, too 🙂

This home facial is safe & beneficial for ALL sky types!

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There’s also a surprise little recipe in this video of my fav ‘banana sandwiches’ 🙂

OTHER ACNE VIDEOS (some from when it was flared up):

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Annie’s channel (check her out, she has amazing videos!):

The AMAZING music (both songs) are used with permission from the awesome Irish duo I’M YOUR VINYL, here’s their Youtube channel:

My current skincare discounts for you guys! Kindly given from the companies 🙂 This is what I use that really helped my acne & keeps it at bay, soft and smooth!

Soniclear facial cleansing brush (better than the Clarisonic as it doesn’t allow bacteria to grow in the brush head!) 20% off at checkout here: and off anything else from their website, too:

Clearogen (which has helped me to get 99% clear skin) are also offering 15% off to my subscribers after much discussions, WOOP!

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