Insomnia Causes – Top 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

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In this video I will explain why you can’t sleep and the top 4 insomnia causes.

Looking back at all the people that I have coached I notice that they came for coaching because they were in mental, emotional or physical pain; they felt stressed and as a result they suffered from insomnia.

They wanted to move from being in a state of pain to being in a state of pleasure.

After considering their specific situation I found that their pain, stress or anxiety came predominately from 1 of 4 insomnia causes.

The 4 insomnia causes are as follows:

1) Health

For example:
• Being overweight resulting in eyesight problems and being at risk of becoming a diabetic
• Chronic back pain that they couldn’t seem to overcome despite visiting doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists
• Constant headaches
• Being told they have cancer
• Feeling tense, stressed, exhausted, lethargic, unmotivated

2) Relationships

For example, being in conflict:
• At home with their partner, child, brother or sister
• At work with their boss, work colleagues or their employees
• With relatives or friends
often due to unmet expectations, limiting beliefs, mis-understandings.

And some just felt isolated and lonely because they struggled to make friends or find their soul mate.

3) Finance

For example:
• Fear of losing their job, being dependent on their job, not having other sources of income
• Struggling to pay their bills, worried if or if not they can afford to send their children to a good school
• Feeling debt stress
• Can’t afford to go to a restaurant, on a holiday or buy a new car
• Worried about being able to survive after they retire
• Struggling to make a profit in their business

4) Identity or Self-Image

For example:
• They don’t know who they are or what they are here for
• Lack confidence
• Feel like they are insignificant, worthless, ugly
• Feel stuck, trapped, like a slave
• They hate their job
• Get jealous of others easily
• Are constantly disappointed, angry, sad or depressed

Now when you have a problem in 1 these 4 areas it generally affects another area.

For example:
If you are unhealthy then you may struggle to get a job or if you have a job you may not perform well thereby restricting your earning potential or chance of promotion.

Also if you are struggling financially them you probably couldn’t afford to buy high quality food, say organic food (thereby affecting your health) or afford to go out socialising (thereby affecting your relationships).

What I am saying is that a problem in one area creates a new problem in another area which feeds on itself to create further problems which all add up to making your life hell.

Also when problems keep you up at night and you don’t get enough sleep you become grumpy, short tempered, hostile, angry and depressed which negatively affects all four areas and can lead to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease.

So if you can’t sleep and you are smart then you would know that it is very important to get help.

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