Insomnia Sleep Disorders – Sleep Remedies And Tips On How To Fall Asleep Fast And Sleep Long

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In our on-the-go lives, physical exhaustion can overcome us by night, but often sleep eludes us if the chatter in the mind does not stop. This can be extremely frustrating, because inadequate sleep gives a kind of hangover the next day, leading to lethargy and irritability.

Several other factors can cause insomnia, like over indulgence in beverages like coffee and tea, a heavy dinner, eating just before bedtime, sleeping on an empty stomach, and the most prominent, stress.

So what can you do to get your beauty sleep back? Follow these simple tips.

In a warm glass of milk, add 1 tlbsp of honey and mix well.
Have this every night at bedtime.
Even a banana at bedtime helps sleep.

Take 1 cup of water and add 2 tsp of aniseed or saunf.
Boil this for 5 minutes.
Add some milk and a tsp of honey.
Strain, and have this herbal concoction at bedtime.

Take ½ a small cabbage.
Peel off the leaves and wash well.
Chop coarsely, and put in blender.
Extract the cabbage juice, (you may add a pinch of salt and pepper), and have daily.

Take a small piece of bottle gourd, or ghiya, and peel it.
Cut it and remove the seeds.
Grate the pulp and extract 1-2 tlbsp of juice.
Add this juice to ¼ cup of sesame oil, or til ka tel.
Gently massage this into your scalp every day.

Diet also plays a big role in curing insomnia, so make sure you consume a well-balanced diet that includes pulses, cereals, and plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and yoghurt.
Remember, the body needs at least 7 hours of sound sleep to rejuvenate, so give your body its sleep time and be healthy.

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