Insomnia Treatment – Ayurveda Herbs Natural Remedies to Cure Insomnia (Hindi)

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Looking for Insomnia Treatment? 5 Best natural remedies that can cure your Insomnia within few days.
What is Insomnia?
Failing to get asleep or trouble to stay asleep at night is called as Insomina.

Causes of Insomnia :
Mental stress, tension, depression, lack of zinc and iron etc. in body are the main causes of Insomnia.

5 Insomnia treatments that you can do at home :
1. Sesame Oil Massage: Sesame oil has all kind of nutrients and elements which are essential for proper sleep. Massage it as shown in video.

2. Carrot : Carrot has all element in balanced state. Carrot is very good for insomnia.

3. Honey : Mix honey and lemon juice and drink it before you go to sleep. You will have a sound sleep.

4. Curd : Eat sweet curd to cure insomnia.

5. Mustard Oil : Apply mustard oil on feet and get rid of insomnia.

Additional Tips to treat Insomnia :
1. Avoid tea and coffee.
2. Do some meditation.
3. Drink juice of green leafy vegetables.

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Try above Insomnia treatment to get sound sleep.

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