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0:24 Where is my weight coming from?
1:00 Foods in my diet that made me gain weight
1:25 Different hypothyroid diets I tried
1:50 What I did to lose weight
3:39 How juicing helped me lose weight and get more energy
5:15 Why foods in your diet are making you feel worse
7:30 Why you gain weight even if you eat clean and exercise

When your thyroid is low, so is your metabolism. Gaining weight is so easy that I started to wonder whether I’d be able to lose weight at all.

In late 2012, I’d purchased a new set of jeans since my old ones didn’t fit… I was quite shocked to find out just a couple weeks later that the new ones were starting to fit small. The rapid weight gain in such a short period of time compelled me to do something about my health.

It wasn’t just the weight that concerned me. My eyes were puffy, my skin was dry, my hair was falling out of control as well, but the worst part was the fatigue.

I had zero energy so taking up exercise was even harder. This is one thing most people don’t understand about hypothyroidism unless they have it themselves. This is not lazyness!

As I was looking for a way to lose weight with a low thyroid, I found that the best way to go about it was going to be through two simple things: juicing, and fasting.

See I had already attempted all sorts of diets like paleo diet, 80/10/10 diet, among many others. I was being told to buy all kinds of supplements, but they were all too expensive, not to mention usually not needed.

Fasting was a much better option and it’s free!! Even better it actually saves money!

There are many ways to fast, but the way that I started was to do a juice fast.

I basically went as many days as I could without eating solid food and drinking only some sort of green juice or red juice.

I originally set a goal to do it for three days, but after those three days I extended it to a full week. Before I knew it, I did a lot of juicing over a period of 90 days!!

That was how my massive transformation happened and how I lost weight.

The green juices were usually something like:

2 green apples
4 leaves of kale
1 cup of baby spinach
1 medium cucumber

My red juices were just a simple ABC juice:


I always use organic ingredients, and it’s important to note that beets are very powerful. If you have not had a beet juice before, I recommend you use only a small amount to start and build up.

This was something that I started doing without planning to lose weight. It was more of a detox program I wanted to do and weight loss was simply a by product.

This also set the foundation to do what I really needed to do to take control of my thyroid.

Learn more at: http://hypothyroidismsuccessstory.com/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_term=Lose%20Weight%20Hypothyroidism&utm_campaign=Hypothyroidism

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