Low Thyroid Mistake #4 – Thinking You’ve Had the Correct Tests

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http://www.trianglethyroiddoctor.com Do you make this mistake with your Low Thyroid? You assume you’ve had the correct tests–but your probably haven’t.

Do you still have these thyroid symptoms, but you take thyroid medication?
* Tired, sluggish
* Can’t lose weight even with exercise
* Feel cold—hands, feet, or all over
* Require excessive amounts of sleep to function properly
* Increase in weight gain even with low-calorie diet
* Gain weight easily
* Difficult, infrequent bowel movements
* Depression, lack of motivation
* Morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses
* Outer third of eyebrow thins
* Thinning of hair on scalp, face or genitals or hair loss
* Dryness of skin and/or scalp
* Mental sluggishness
* Nervousness and emotional
* Insomnia
* Night sweats

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Vestibular Rehab Specialist (ACNB)

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