Lower Blood Pressure Naturally and Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

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High blood pressure and ED are related because they are symptoms of some of the same underlying causes.

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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

High blood pressure usually does not have obvious symptoms but the long term effect of very high blood pressure usually leads to a stroke, and it is also a risk factor for heart attacks and heart disease.

One of the many damages that you body sustains with hypertention is damage to the endotheleum which lines your whole cardiovascualr system. What so important about this is that this dqamage causes a dramatic drop in the production of Nitric Ixide. And with out adiquate NO you most likely will have symptoms of ED.

So what can you do to naturally lower your BP, heal your endothelium and therefore reverse ED symptoms. Well here are 8 easy life style changes that will go a long way to heal your endotheleum, lower your blood pressure and help any symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

lower you weight, heart healthy diet, lower salt intake, check food labels, quit smoking, decrease alcohol usage and exercise.

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