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WIG DESIGNS INTERNATIONAL … hair fixing in bangalore
Gents Removable Sticker Based Detachable Hair System, with clips for added grip for hair loss due to baldness … a semi hair loss replacement permanent solution as compared to hair bonding, that allows you to lead an active life, without the fear of the wig falling off. Best quality, 100% natural human hair. Manufacturers | Retail | Bulk Suppliers | Exporters

Santhosh Kumar.G, C.E.O
(a unit of S.K.Hair N Wig Designs Pvt.Ltd.)
***an ISO 9001:2008 certified company***
+91 9900170130 | +91 7829338459
WhatsApp: 9900170130
Skype: wigdesignsinternational
Customer Care: +91 8088899099

also in Hyderabad, and Chennai

Entire range of best Natural Human Hair Products, such as Wigs – straight, wavy, curly, Jackson Curls, Chemotherapy, Hair Pieces,
Hair Attachment, Hair Extensions, Clip-on Hair Extensions, Hair Bonding, Hair Fixing, Streaks, Trendy / Stylish / Traditional,
Ready to wear, Customized, Accessories Kit, Silicon Prosthesis Undercover Form Enhancers Mastectomy, Movie Television Industry needs – false beards, moustaches … available in natural texture, style, and colour preferences. We serve across the world. Non Surgical Hair Replacement solutions for Hair Loss…

Bangalore – INDIA

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Video Transcript:
Non-Surgical Hair Fixing for Hair Loss (Removable Detachable Hair System)
“Welcome, Sir..we will be doing a complete makeover for you”
Hair Piece will cover just the hair loss area … blending into the natural hair
The remaining portion will remain as it is…
“We ensure that the Hair piece matches your natural hair in color & texture”
Removable sticker based Hair System, with clips for added grip
Sterilizer – ensures 100% hygiene of instruments
Removable sticker based Hair System, can be taken off when not needed, such as while sleeping
We have chosen the best Hair Piece, matching the client’s hair color & texture
This tape will fix the Hair Piece in the front, and clips around it will provide firm grip
The glue sticker may last for a week or more, based on usage – can be replaced with new sticker
The clips will last longer …
Many people worldwide experience hair loss at an early age, due to pollution / chemicals
WIG DESIGNS INTERNATIONAL is trusted by individuals & celebrities, since 1971
At WIG DESIGNS INTERNATIONAL, we take extreme care to give you the best choice of Hair solutions
Glue-based sticker holds the Hair Piece firmly in place
Our expertise & absolute knowledge of the Wig industry, helps us serve you with a natural look
WIG DESIGNS INTERNATIONAL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
All services are handled by skilled professionals, with a creative touch
Our latest Instruments & equipment are sterilized & well-maintained, ensuring cleanliness & hygiene.
We do the setting or trimming, according to your natural hairstyle
While trimming and styling, we also need to effect the final look, closest to the age group of the client …
…so that the style & overall appearance, look realistic
We make sure that the Hair Piece has blends in with the client’s natural hair crop
The Hair Piece sits natural, and he does not feel any inconvenience
The client is happy & says he feels younger
best solution for hair loss

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