Prof. Derek LeRoith, MD, PhD – Diabetes Type 1 Blood Sugar Measurement, Ongoing Research

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Prof. Derek LeRoith, MD, PhD – discusses how Type 1 Diabetics can get a blood sugar measuring device and understand how much insulin needs to be given to the individual. It’s usually advised to see an endocrinologist for this information. There are some psychological aspects that need to be looked into as well with Type 1 Diabetes, especially children going through puberty. He speaks of ongoing research with devices such as “artificial pancreas”. He discusses the possible belief of a genetic component with Type 1 Diabetes. He speaks of successful studies dealing with cells being transplanted into the liver. He concludes this segment by noting that while there is no cure yet, the insulin devices and the management of the patients can help the patients live with Type 1 Diabetes and prevent the complications. For more information, see our videos on our YouTube Channel; Live Doctors.

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