Robert Lustig debunks himself on Fructose. Bitter Truth on LowCarb Non-Vegan Paleo Fatty Liver Diets

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Robert Lustig now admits Fructose is ok. Then claims it’s poisonous. Then he says Fructose is Good. Then says it’s Toxic. Then says it’s All Good. No, toxic. No, Good! No, Poison. Good. Poison! good! Lustig reveals he does not know what he is talking about. Robert Lustig says:”There is no foodstuff on this planet that has Fructose that is poisonous. It is all good.”-Dr. Robert Lustig. “Fructose is a poison?-Yeah.” “It is all good.”-Robert Lustig. Robert Lustig contradicts his own statements. Robert Lustig is not competent in the field of science and is not knowledgeable in elementary nutrition. Lustig is now revealed to be a hypocrite contradicting himself. Dr. Robert Lustig is debunked. Robert Lustig debunks himself.

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Robert Lustig has debunked himself.

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