See Foods to AVOID with Diabetes [FULL List: Diabetes Foods to Avoid]

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5 Healthy Eating Tips When You Have Diabetes

Diabetics must monitor their food intake in order to remain healthy, but that does not mean that they can’t have tasty food and even the occasional desert? It’s important to know what foods to avoid with diabetes. Managing diabetes is more about making the switch to a healthier diet and applying some solid nutritional principles when you head to the grocery store. You should also pay attention to the different diabetes foods to avoid as well. Here are five tips to help you eat healthfully when you have diabetes.

1. Plan before you shop to help you choose proper foods to avoid diabetes. Make sure that you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for your daily menus and that you will have healthy and satisfying treats on hand so you won’t be tempted to eat junk food. A well-planned grocery list is the single most important part of managing your diet when you have diabetes.

2. Peruse restaurant menus before you head out for a meal to help you decide on which foods not to eat with diabetes. In a restaurant once you smell the foods cooking, it is more difficult to select healthful choices. Head to the Internet, look at the menu, and make your selection before you ever walk out the door.

3. Don’t think of snacks as the enemy. Instead, keep protein packed nuts on hand or some low-fat string cheese or consider making a salad with some added crunch. Keeping healthy snack foods on hand will ensure that you don’t go off the dietary rails when you get hungry in the middle of the day.

4. Swap out high carb foods for low carb options, this is an example of what foods to avoid with diabetes. For example, when you are hungry for a sandwich, choose to have a wrap instead of two large slices of bread. Simple substitutions like this will work wonders and keep you satisfied.

5. Plan on spending more time in the kitchen. Once you have completed your shopping, take the time to prep parts of your meal to keep it simple during your work week. You will feel better when it is easier to eat healthfully.

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes – See Powerful, Natural Treatments to REVERSE Diabetes:

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