Severe Acne Treatment and Acne Scar Treatment Using PDT and Fraxel DUAL

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This teenager suffered from severe nodulocystic acne and severe acne scarring. Dr. Umar of FineTouch Dermatology treated this patient due to his nodulocystic acne with procedures for both severe acne treatment and severe acne scar treatment. Nodulocystic acne is a severe type of acne with multiple inflamed acne cysts and nodules, which often turn deep red or purple and leave scars.

Nodulocystic acne with acne cysts and nodules requires prompt treatment by a dermatologist to reduce inflammation, minimize scarring and reduce the size of acne cysts and nodules. Dr. Umar’s approach for this patient’s severe acne treatment and acne scar treatment included monthly photodynamic therapy (PDT) using VBeam with Levulan and then laser treatment using Fraxel DUAL.

PDT treatment uses the VBeam and topical photosensitizer Levulan for severe acne treatment with the inflamed acne cysts and nodules. PDT treatment also rejuvenates facial skin. Fraxel DUAL is a severe acne treatment and severe acne scar treatment using lasers.

The light waves from Fraxel DUAL burn away the follicle sac and sebaceous gland so eruptions cannot occur. The treatment also induces oxygen formation within the bacterial cells to prompt destruction. Fraxel DUAL’s Erbium fiber laser deeply penetrates skin for acne scar treatment. The Thulium fiber laser is more superficial and refines skin.

Results on this patient with severe nodulocystic acne and severe acne scarring are shown at six weeks after his last laser treatment. This patient is extremely happy with his skin’s big improvement from a year ago with monthly photodynamic treatment (PDT) using Levulan and the VBeam laser, followed by treatments of acne scarring using Fraxel DUAL laser.

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